Smarty introduces groundbreaking intelligent cameras tailored specifically for visible, TOF(Time of Flight) and thermal domains. Dive into a world of unparalleled insight as our offerings redefine how we perceive the spectrum.

Smart Thermal camera

Enter the realm of thermal perception with Smarty’s intelligent thermal cameras. Detect temperature variations with precision and accuracy, revealing hidden insights not visible to the naked eye. Our thermal cameras empower industries with critical data for predictive maintenance, security, …


Embedded board for AI

Introducing BASEN, your gateway to advanced AI processing! This GPU-compatible support card empowers seamless AI integration, boasting a multitude of sensor interfaces. Revolutionize your system’s capabilities with BASEN’s versatile platform, designed to harness AI potential while effortlessly integrating diverse sensor interfaces.


Multi TOF Camera

Experience unparalleled depth and precision with our state-of-the-art Multi-TOF camera. Redefine spatial perception with multiple Time-of-Flight sensors working in unison, delivering comprehensive 3D imaging and accurate distance measurement. Elevate your vision technology to new dimensions with our Multi-TOF camera, unlocking a world of immersive depth and detail