BASEN is an original system for integrating AI algorithms. A jetson-like module makes up the computing core, and it is equipped with numerous interfaces dedicated to embedded systems. BASEN includes its own power regulation system, and can connect up to 5 vision systems via the MIPI protocol, 2 separate Ethernet networks and, of course, several interfaces such as HDMI, USB2, USB3…

Given the rapid evolution of hardware architectures for image processing and AI, it was decided to adopt a modular approach to selecting the BASEN system’s computing core. As a result, BASEN can support a variety of NVIDIA System-on-Modules” (SoMs) in SO-DIMM format. The board is currently based on a XavierNX SoM, but an upgrade to a future-generation core is possible (Table below).

 NanoXavierNX 8 GBOrinNX 16GB
AI Performances
1.8 TOPs21 TOPs100 TOPs
CPUARM Cortex A57
4 cores
6 cores
ARM Cortex A78E
8 cores

NVIDIA Maxwell
384 CUDA cores

384 CUDA cores
48 Tensor cores
1024 CUDA cores
32 Tensor cores
Memory4 GB8 GB  @60 GB/s16 GB @102GB/s
Storage16 GB eMMC16 GB eMMC 

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