Kalix : Smart thermal camera

Kalix is the first uncooled smart thermal camera without a mechanical shutter, requiring no calibration before use. Kalix features a matrix of microbolometers combined with a low-power computing core integrating various image processing and correction algorithms. Based on this novatrive approach, Kalix delivers an image natively on any OS, without the need to install any program for calibration or visualization. Kalix thus offers a completely “plug and play” approach, without the tedious process of memorizing reference images.The Kalix camera can be connected to a raspberry, an NVidia Jetson card or a computer running Linux, Windows or MacOS via the MIPI or USB3 protocol.

Sensor Type 640×480 Microbolometer
Pixel Pitch 12µm
Camera type Shutterless and Uncooled
Focal Length 9 to 100 mm
Sharp Contrasts NETD < 40mK
Bad Pixel Correction On-board and precalibrated
Fixed Pattern Noise On-board Dynamic Non Uniformity Correction
Type of Video output 2 lane MIPI/CSl2 or USB 3.1 gen1 Type C
Resolution 14 bits raw pixel and Flicker-free image

Thermal tracking by Kalix 25mm