Connecting intelligence

Perception technologies enable machines to perceive and understand the world around them using sensors, cameras, microphones, antennas, and other sensory devices. We design and manufacture perception devices for the most demanding applications.

Intelligence allows machines to interpret and respond to their environment. We architect newer artificial intelligence models to play a role in various applications such as autonomous sensing, surveillance and service orchestrations.

Having an intelligent system being able to communicate and interact with others of a kind, becomes the next frontier. At Sma-RTy, we create new infrastructures for the next generation communication systems.

We are an European company focused on intelligent systems design. Our products range from industrial automation, smart cameras to private communication infrastructure. The goal is straightforward: changing how information is collected, shared, processed, and utilized. Eventually creating an ecosystem where every machine interaction is intelligent, efficient, and impactful.

French headquarters:


4 Avenue Blaise Pascal, 63178,
Aubière, FRANCE
SIRET: 84514693500018
TVA: FR12845146935

Italian headquarters:

Sma-RTy Italia SRL
Via F. Cavallotti 133, 20093,
Cologno Monzese, Milano (MI), ITALY
P.IVA: IT11437910968
REA: MI – 2602738