Businesses and organizations are increasingly turning to local AI instances to gain a competitive edge. By leveraging AI models tailored to their specific requirements, we can gain deeper insights, make our systems aware, and optimize their processes.

One of the key benefits of local AI instances is the ability to infer patterns and insights on data directly on the edge. No external cloud nor remote connections are needed for our AI deployment. For example, we use edge AI for industry tailored applications, such as quality assessment, or to reveal network traffic quality.

Another area of innovation in AI is the development of new architectures. Sma-RTy’s researchers and engineers are developing new AI architectures that are more efficient, more accurate, and better suited to the company’s specific inquiries. These new architectures can enable us to solve problems that were previously impossible or too expensive to solve.

Region of interest tracking is another area where AI is being applied. By tracking regions of interest in a video feed, we can automatically monitor specific areas and detect anomalies or patterns. This can be particularly useful in security applications, where we can use AI to monitor large areas for potential threats, e.g., smart city.

Super resolution is another promising application of AI. By using deep learning algorithms, AI can enhance low-resolution images to produce higher resolution images. This can be particularly useful in industries such as healthcare, where AI can be used to enhance medical images to aid in diagnosis.