New Sma-RTy contribution in the NextG domain

With 6G networks on the horizon, communication architectures become assisted by AI that enhance security and intelligence. In our last research paper, a proactive threat discovery service at 6G base stations paves the way for network-wide cybersecurity. We propose an unsupervised deep learning to achieve high accuracy in identifying DoS attacks in evolved 5G/6G base […]

NGCI 5G private tests in Keysight

📡 Our NGCI 5G SA solution comes back from a stress evaluation in Keysight, where the complete network has been put to a complete test. Keysight 5G UE Sim solution, equipped with P88100A (eLSU 112C, processing unit), P88200A (SDRv4, RF cards unit), AirMosaic SW and UDG, is able to simulate real RF channel conditions and […]