About Us

About Sma-RTy Group

We are the Sma-RTy Group, composed by the Sma-RTy SAS and the Sma-RTy Italia SRL companies.

The Group focuses on advanced artificial intelligence systems paired with cutting-edge communication technologies. Through tight interactions with applied research, Sma-RTy moves towards a seamless integration of AI-assisted technologies in real life applications. These technologies coexist with the surrounding environment to support human personnel in repetitive, exhausting and hazardous tasks.

Although its recent incorporation, Sma-RTy stands on its founders multidisciplinary expertise, to play a role in developing products for daily-life improvement. Among all partners, the Group involves research and development skills with active R&D initiatives among Europe.

Sma-RTy Italia srl

Via dell’Artigianato, 2
Carugate, Italy