Training courses

Embedded Hardware design

This course will provide an overview of the hardware description language (HDL) and its use in programmable logic design. The focus is on the synthesis concepts of HDL, but you will also learn some simulation concepts. You will gain a basic understanding of HDL that will allow you to start creating your design. According to your needs, we propose both VHDL and Verilog training.

Hardware architecture for Signal
and Image processing

Modern image and signal processing architectures require tailor-made implementations of algorithmic concepts that exploit the functional framework of the hardware environment and achieve the best possible performance. In this training, you will study concepts of hardware-based image and signal processing and become experts in designing applications on dedicated hardware.

Machine learning for embedded vision

Deep Learning is transforming multiple industries. This training is the opportunity to help you understand Deep Learning fundamentals, apply them, and design efficient AI-based systems. This course is the result of a long experience in machine learning on embedded architectures.