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When 5G Multi access Edge Computing enables Distributed Ledger…

In this latest scientific contribution, presented at the IEEE 94th Vehicular Technology Conference VTC 2021, CNIT and Sma-RTy Edge & 5G people collaborated to demonstrate vehicular computation offloading using Multi access Edge Computing (MEC) technology. It reveals as an interesting use case for Multi access Edge Computing (MEC) application for Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), where blockchain transactions are executed directly at the edge of the network.

Sma-RTy contributed with its on-premise 5G MEC infrastructure, fully compliant with ETSI MEC standards and locally deployed at the Leghorn Port Authority.

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BRAINE Project press release

BRAINE Project Consortium will help to position Europe at the forefront of the intelligent edge computing field

By lowering the barriers for utilizing edge computing for artificial intelligence applications, BRAINE will open the door for European SMEs to leverage state of the art technologies, driving their development and growth as industry leaders in their sectors.

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