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A new scientific publication to Frontiers in Medicine –…

Clermont Ferrand – Today we are pleased to share the latest scientific contribution to the “Frontiers in Medicine” review (Impact Factor 5.091), done in collaboration with Universite Clermont Auvergne and the Centre Hospitaliere Universitaire (CHU) at Clermont Ferrand (France).

The review article is entitled “Risk-taking behaviors of adult bedridden patients in neurosurgery: what could-should we do?” and includes the ethical and methodological perspectives when considering risk-taking behaviors of adult bedridden patients. Today it is an open issue, but let’s try to imagine newer perspectives fro the futures. What new technologies can do?

Link to pre-print version: https://frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmed.2021.676538

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Sma-RTy HealthTech joins the “Lombardy’s Life Sciences Cluster”

Milano, Italy – As previously mentioned in our last blog entry, the Sma-RTy HealthTech business unit extends its presence in Italy by joining the “Cluster Lombardo Scienze della Vita” (Lombardy’s Life Sciences Cluster). This new agreement follows the idea of broadening the collaboration between European partners around cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies in the Healthcare market.

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