Thermal imaging for healthcare

Thermal imaging for healthcare

Thermal imaging comes as an invaluable source of information when humans are involved in a temperature controlled environment. Our technology uses multi modal sensor acquisitions to collect all available health parameters without interfering with patients’ movements.

Deploying Artificial intelligence over thermal images offer advantages for both medical practitioner and patients. As non-invasive diagnostic systems, thermal smart cameras are patient-friendly devices that deliver highly systematical analytics, even at night times. These insights are mainly related to the body temperature distribution and the general pose of the patient. The latter point allows to monitor the patient behaviors, and more particularly to identify the harming ones in a total privacy aware procedure.

AI based super resolution

In case thermal camera resolution is not sufficient to detect specific details, AI can extend the final resolution by image reconstruction and filtering. The resulting image is finally suitable for application specific processing and improves next step detection. Sma-RTy AI technology runs real-time super resolution in real-time to offer native frame per second performance with higher Signal to Noise ratio.

AI based super resolution on thermal frames
(Up-scaled on the left, Super-resolution on the right)

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