SleEPy – Smart safety for Elderly People


SleEPy – Smart safety for Elderly People

Continuous and constant night supervisions are in turn exhausting and costly activities that might not be fully covered for all patients. What SleEPy proposes can help the medical personnel to provide better assistance and an improved quality of life, without compromises on patients coverage. The system is meant to be considered as part of the hospital environment, as it were a entangled with invisible and noninvasive sensors.

The Smart safety for Elderly Peoples (SleEPy) project is an innovative eHealth vertical system designed as Advanced Artificial Intelligence surveillance. SleEPy system provides timely and precise information about patient health to support the hospital personnel. It exploits low power vision sensors to perform real time elaborations and forward notifications to medical personnel, aiming at improving the safety conditions, correctness of patient drugs responses and survey the patient recovering.

The constant monitoring of elderly patients

Through its sensors, SleEPy collects data on the patient’s condition, such as skin temperature, heart rate or body movement. By processing this data, Artificial Intelligence is able to detect any problems in real time and report them to service personnel. In this way, staff can keep many patients under control at the same time, improving the timeliness of intervention and therefore the safety of elderly people and patients at risk.

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