Continuous and constant patient supervision requires exhausting and costly activities that might not be fully covered for all patients. This drives healthcare innovation to promote effective applications to support the medical personnel in monitoring and prediction activities.  

The MonitorAI project aims to improve the patient’s daily quality of life by providing timely and precise health parameters outlook to the medical staff. This results in better assistance, without compromises regarding the patient’s coverage. The proposed solution relies on continuous, non-invasive monitoring of the patient’s behaviors by means of a pre-trained Artificial Intelligence (AI). The MonitorAI ecosystem is composed of an infrastructure of AI-enabled multi-spectral cameras. Each device continuously evaluates the health status of a specific patient by keeping track of his/her health parameters and behaviors. All acquired data are first processed by the in-node artificial intelligence then forwarded to the medical personnel for timely response.

MonitorAI leverages several cutting-edge technologies including machine vision and AI. These challenging innovation segments are supported by Sma-RTy along with its industrial partners. The overall goal is to reduce the risk of the subjective nature of the human observations, where repeatable AI-intefences can effectively support medical staff during patient hospitalization.

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