Skin diseases require daily observation and analysis to ensure effective monitoring of the medical course evolution.

In this context, we propose MirrorAI. It aims at reducing hospital visits on a regular basis by analyzing the patient every day with the help of an intelligent mirror.

The interests of this approach are multiple:

  • the device is non-invasive and does not require a professional to be installed.
  • Patients are “monitored” from home, which reduces the stress of coming to the hospital and thus reduces hospital overcrowding.
  • monitoring is done daily and data collection is repeatable and meaningful to analyze the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • once locally computed, data are sent directly to the primary care physicist for analysis

MirrorAI consists of a set of cameras on different spectra ( e.g., Visible, UV, NIR) associated with artificial intelligence algorithms. The system is placed behind a mirror and it analyzes the face and/or different skin parameters of a patient positioned in front of it. These parameters and the general condition of the patient are evaluated with intelligent vision algorithms allowing an objective and repeatable measurement to be made available to caregivers to better follow the course of treatment and the effectiveness of medication. In no way does the system replace the contribution of doctors, as well as periodic medication check-ups, but it provides a database to better follow the evolution of patients.

Moreover, the implementation of the system is personalized according to the parameters to be recorded and according to the patient’s habits. Compared to the “portable” devices available on the market, no contact with the patient is expected during all phases of monitoring.

MirrorAI has been selected by Village by CA Paris through the Startup challenge initiative.

Contact us at info@sma-rty.com to know more!

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